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JAN Dev Log | Ep.4: Launch and the Wrath of The Bug Queen


First off, I want to thank everyone who played the game and gave feedback. I’m an optimistic person, but I never expected the amount of players and positive reviews we’ve received over the past week and a half. Pretty surreal.

It's been a bit wild since we launched last Tuesday, we've been working hard fixing all the issues addressed!

We're about to reach 400 discord members and are at 25,000+ lifetime total units on steam, which is amazing. I was honestly not expected this much attention(especially positive attention) this early. There's still plenty of work to be done obviously and we're excited to be on this adventure with you guys and bring this game to it's maximum potential.

I know it's been hard to find lobbies. Right now we're focused on implementing feedback and adding content to make the game better. Once we feel a little better about the game, we'll start doing a bigger marketing push and hopefully will get plenty more players in.

Development Updates

So there’s obviously a lot we’ve been doing the past week, mostly bug fixes. Lee's been working on a network restructure making things much more efficient and manageable on our end.

We're planning on releasing the first big Update, v .15, sometime next week. This update(detailed below) will address most of the bigger issues brought up and get us on track to start adding exciting new content in the near future.

The Next Update

In addition to bug fixes, here's what you can expect from V .15:

  • Custom Control mapping(including camera sensitivity settings)

  • Ammo system for Seeker players to prevent spamming(Seeker has ammo equal to the amount of players in game. Bullets slowly “recharge” before becoming available to be shot again. Similar to how Epona’s dash works in Legend of Zelda games)

  • Hider players can now see other Hider players by their username display above them. (This is an option that can be turned off in the match settings)

>New more intuitive UI to match new restructure. This includes: more info displayed for non-host players at lobby(stages selected, other options set by host), auto match display refresh, display of how many players are currently online and a host’s ability to kick players from the lobby.

>Lee’s restructure SHOULD fix a lot of the network-related issues reported(Different scores on score display screen, score screen stays active onto next game, Hiders cant move.)

After this, depending on the amount of bug reports, we should be on track to add additional items, stages and game modes in June. (Reminder: You can check out our current plan for the next 4 months here:

Oh man, how are our heroes gonna get out of this one? They've been fighting a seemingly endless battle against The Bug Queen's swarm. And now they must face the mightiest of her forces. Will our heroes be able to combat the S-Tier bugs!? Will the battle ever truly end? Find out all this and more on the next exciting installment of: The Just Act Natural Dev Log!

- Conor

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